This page shares a collection of resources recommended by Mr.Erdreich for educators and makers alike! Organized in categories, resources include software recommendations, machines and equipment, projects and lesson ideas, competitions, vendors, and more! Also be sure to check out Mr.E's Digital Classroom on YouTube for videos that correspond with many of the resources shared below! Contact Mr.Erdreich if you want to learn more, or if you have suggestions and resources to share!

Apps, Software, & Technology Resources

Organized by content area, the following is a collection of apps, software, or resources for makers of all ages. Whether you are looking to create a 3D model for the first time, or a hyper realistic simulation, Mr. E has compiled a list of powerful apps that may suit your needs. Also included in this list are technology resources, such as robots or drones. 

CAD / CAM for 3D Modeling & CNC Production

This list includes CAD and CAM solutions for designing and manufacturing 3D models, including 3D printing and CNC milling applications. 

CAD for 2D Design / Graphic Design

This list includes CAD and CAM solutions for designing 2D vector and raster designs, as well as production using 2D CNC machines. 

Video Production / Animation

This list includes software solutions for cutting video projects, creating animations, and even screen recordings or web-casting. 

Computer Science

This list includes a collection of programming languages, IDE's, and resources such as robots, microcontrollers, and more. 

Machines, Tools, & Supplies

3D Printers

A staple in nearly every makerspace, 3D printing is changing our world in nearly every industry from food, fashion or even medical technologies. There are lots of great options out there, but the following are ones Mr. E recommend from his own experience: 

CNC Laser / Water Cutters

Laser and Water cutters are incredibly capable machines that can be used in nearly every project with great ease. There are lots of great options out there, but the following are ones Mr. E recommend from his own experience: 

CNC Mills / Routers / Lathes / Plotters

CNC Plotters, Mills, Routers, and Lathes are versatile machines that can be used to machine anything from wood, to metal or vinyl. There are lots of great options out there, but the following are ones Mr. E recommend from his own experience: 

Essential Tools

Depending on the goals and needs of your makerspace, tools may vary exponentially. Mr. E uses a lot of different tools in his own projects and classes, but the following are ones that are used very frequently across countless applications:

Essential Supplies

When Mr. E is asked, "What can we make in here" as students enter his makerspace, he always answers...."just about anything." To support this, a makerspace needs an assortment of supplies that fosters creativity, innovation, and problem-solving. Mr. E has literally hundreds of different materials and random items available, but the following are things that are used in nearly every project. Some items, like hinges, wheels, or even gears are super useful too, but Mr. E and his students 3D print these things on-demand rather than ordering them. 

Projects, Lesson Ideas, & LEarning

Looking for project ideas or lesson plans for your makerspace? Check out some awesome ones here:

Grants & Funding Opportunities

Funding can be one of the biggest challenges in creating a makerspace and supporting innovative education endeavors. Below is a collection of inspiring grant foundations that support projects of all shapes and sizes!

Competitions & Challenges

Offering opportunities to compete under real-world specifications and constraints can offer opportunities for new innovations and collaboration! Check out some awesome student design challenges and competitions below:

Vendors and Materials

Ordering supplies for schools can often be a challenge, especially when attempting to navigate approved vendors and bids. The following are Mr.E's recommended vendors for any classroom makerspace:

Part Files & Design Templates

The following are public 3D models, part files, and design templates used in Mr. E's Digital Classroom and tutorial videos: