Jason Erdreich

(He / Him / His / él )             (er • dry • sh)


Jason Erdreich is a passionate educational leader who strives to bring meaningful real-world experiences to makers worldwide. With extensive experience in K-12, University, and adult learning environments, Mr.E has guided students of all ages through learning how to solve problems in collaborative methods while using technology as a tool to facilitate creation, innovation, and success. Mr.E's courses have ranged from technical drawing, product design, CAD, biotechnology, manufacturing, materials processing, electronics, robotics, computer science, multimedia, video production, graphic design, and more. 

Through ambitions of furthering meaningful education, Jason works with schools, universities, and companies to develop exciting learning environments that are engaging and accessible for students everywhere. As a educational consultant, Jason specializes in training teachers on crucial topics like design thinking, problem-based learning, and empathy in education in addition to specialized training on machinery and with various CAD solutions. Jason also works with companies that are developing products and solutions for education in order to create more impactful resources across the ed-tech industry. 

Outside of his own instructional spaces, Mr.E has worked to create safe, accessible, and engaging makerspace programs to students through collaborative efforts with organizations that include ITEEA, IEEE, The College of New Jersey, Rutgers University, Kean University, the NJDOE, Beacon Graphics, Tinkercad, AutoDesk, Onshape, Patchr, LulzBot, Makera, and more. 

Additionally, Mr.E fuels his own interests and passions in the field by designing products to improve ease of use and accessibility through prototype development and product design. In this line of work, Jason has been working to make our world safer through public safety innovations in Unmanned Aircraft Systems with SEPA-UAS as well.