Jason Erdreich

(He / Him / His / él ) (er • dry • sh)


Educator, designer, and maker of things Jason Erdreich is a passionate educational leader who strives to bring meaningful real-world experiences to makers worldwide. As a public school teacher in Madison NJ, Mr.Erdreich guides students through learning how to solve problems through collaborative methods while using technology as a tool to facilitate creation, innovation, and success. Mr.E's courses cover technical design, computer modeling, rapid prototyping, materials processing, electronics, robotics, computer science, biotechnology, graphic design, video production, photography, multimedia, and more. In addition to his teaching role, Mr.E is also the K-12 STEAM Coordinator which allows for him to support the district's teachers in unifying curriculum, instruction, and resources district-wide.

In addition to teaching in Madison, Jason also works as an adjunct professor in the School of Computer Science at Kean University. Professor Erdreich works to combine problem-solving and creative design with computer science as students are challenged to develop innovative solutions to real-world problems. Prof.E's courses at Kean combine the fundamentals of electricity with hardware and software development in order to introduce students to the important topics of robotics and automation. Through these meaningful experiences, students are prepared to enter diverse professions in fields that are vital towards propelling technological innovations forward. Outside of his own classroom, Jason has worked to create safe, accessible, and engaging makerspace programs to students through collaborative efforts with organizations that include NJTEEA, The College of New Jersey, Rutgers University, Kean University, NJDOE, Tinkercad, LulzBot, and more. Additionally, Jason fuels his own interests and passions in the field by designing products to improve ease of use, or make our world safer through public safety innovations in UAS.

It is Jason's philosophy that our primary role as educators is to create a collaborative learning environment that fosters success by creating safe opportunities to fail. It is uncertain what careers our students may enter, or even if these careers currently exist. To support our students for this ever changing future, building an aptitude in utilizing technology to solve problems is key. In every subject, we must strengthen skills in problem-solving, design thinking, empathy, and communication. Together, let’s break down the walls between subjects to create interdisciplinary connections that allow for students to see how their learning impacts their lives today, tomorrow, and in the future.