Erdreich Innovations LLC provides professional educational training and consulting services to individuals and organizations across the industries of integrative technology and design. Through our years of experience as an integrative STEM and technology, engineering, and design educator for learners in grades K-12, university, and adult age groups, Erdreich Innovations creates meaningful and effective learning experiences catered to any unique need. 


Erdreich Innovations LLC provides a variety of services in individual, small group, and large group formats. Flexibility is offered for instructional setting including in-person, virtual, hybrid, or recorded. 

-K-12, Higher Ed, and Adult Education

-Training / Professional Development

-Technical Training (Software or Machine)

-Curriculum and Instructional Design

-Facility Design and Resource Allocation

-Individual Training or Tutoring

-Instructional Coaching and Mentoring

-Bespoke CAD Design Work

-Prototype Development

-Machine Maintenance and Repair Services


Mr.E specializes in a wide range of CAD and manufacturing techniques, as well as extensive experience in integrating these fields across the educational spectrum. Popular topics include:

-Interdisciplinary Learning / Integrative Instruction  

      -Problem-based Learning and Design Thinking 

-Makerspace / STEM Lab Instructional Facility Design

-3D Modeling and CAD Software

-Graphic Design, Photography, and Video & Production

-3D Printing, CNC Lasers, Mills, Routers, and Rapid Prototyping

-Computer Science, App, and Game Development

-Electronics and Robotics Applications

-Drones and Public Safety with UAS

For an extensive list of recommendations and training topics, please visit Mr.E's Resources page

For Companies, Erdreich Innovations LLC specializes in designing technology resources and services for the growing education market. Contact us below to discuss consulting contracts to evaluate and enhance your services, or to redesign and grow your product line.

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