Mr. Erdreich strives to engage the learning and maker community through tutoring, technical training, conferences, workshops, summits, professional development, and more! Check out upcoming events below, as well as popular topics that Mr.E often discusses. Interested in a Workshop? Propose or Request information about Workshops here!

Upcomming Workshops

There are no upcoming workshops open to the public scheduled at this time. Interested in a workshop or training session? Propose or Request information about Workshops here! Check back soon for updates and more info and don't forget about other ongoing projects accessible via the Portals page!

Popular Topics

Design Thinking

Teaching with Empathy

Adaptive Grading and Assessment

The Diverse world of Comp Sci

Integrating Technology

Problem-Based Learning

3D Printing

Rapid Prototyping Machinery & Methods

CAD and Software Training

Video Game Design

K-12 & Higher-Ed Robotics / Comp Sci

Safety and Technical Training

Makerspace Facility Design

Managing a Makerspace Program

Integrative and Inter-Disciplinary Education

Curriculum Development

Standards Revision and Integration

Equipment Maintenance and Repair